Textile Wet-Processing Auxiliaries

We offer varied range of solutions that are used in chemical processing of different types of fabrics, yarns, fibers and finished articles. From wet-processing auxiliaries to speciality finishes, we are a one-stop unit for all your textile needs. We offer an excellent quality of wet-processing aides for various applications in dyeing and printing of cotton, polyster, wool and blended fabrics.

The pretreatment solutions are highly-absorbent, low-foaming formulations that have excellent binding capabilities. With good wetting efficiency, they are eco-friendly, GOTS approved and APEO/NPEO free.

Product Performance TDS
Rikoclean - STR Stain remover for synthetic and natural fibers.
Scowet- GIP 74 Wetting and scouring agent with excellent dispersing property.
Scowet TT Conc. Concentrated low-foam, powerful scouring agent for high turbulent machines.
Trinoiron Eco friendly foam-free washing off agent. Also functions as a versatile deflocculating and dispersing agent.
Trinowax TT Low-foam, high-performance scouring agent for high turbulent machines.
Trinolube M Anti-crease lubricant for preventing crease/ rope marks and pilling of fabrics.
Trinowax- WS Effective wetting and scouring agent.
Ultranol - OL Wetting agent with detergency and emulsifying action useful for scouring.
Wetmerz Low foaming, highly effective mercerizing agent very high caustic stability.

Our range of Dyeing auxiliaries have excellent leveling properties and produce uniform distribution of dye. They have high soaping and washing-off abilities and are GOTS approved.

Product Performance TDS
Milaniaks- R Cationic retarder for controlled and uniform acrylic dyeing.
Milaniaks - ADS Soaping agent for rinsing off reactive and vat dyes on cotton fabrics and blends.
Rikofix- NF Fixing agent for improving wet treatment fastness of reactive dyes on cellulosic fibers and their blends.
Trinoiron- DL New-generation leveling agent that confers an even and bright shade to fabrics, as well as good shade fastness.
Trinoiron- KL New-generation levelling agent for reactive dyeing.
Trinoiron- DSP Excellent washing off agent, sequesters levelling agent & dispersing agent.
Trinoiron - LTS Low temperature washing off agent suitable for various fibres that confers excellent soaping fastness and easy wash.

Specialty Finishes range offers silicone and non-silicone specialty softeners, tailor-made to serve the needs of the industry. The finishing auxiliaries offer varied application depending upon the type of finish required over a fabric or a garment.

These auxiliaries offer versatile finishes, ranging from exhaustible and inexhaustible (easy care), to hydrophobic and oleophobic finishes. They impart premium feel, high elasticity and excellent softness. With low yellowing factor and cost efficient treatments, choose from silicone and non-silicone specialty softeners for the desired finish on your fabric.

Product(Silicone) Performance Type of Finish TDS
Milaniaks-7070 Premium hand feel Greasy
Milaniaks-2020 Multi-purpose silicone softener Bulky
Milaniaks-1010 Cost-effective, Highly efficient Greasy
Milaniaks-8885 Sweat-wicking moisture management Natural
Milaniaks-2088 Hydrophilic with good softness Natural
Milaniaks-8080 Concentrated, self emulsifying, hydrophilic. Low yellowing factor Natural,Silky
Milaniaks-2121 Cost Effective, multi-purpose silicone softener Silky and Bouncy
Milaniaks-4713 Super soft, highly elastomeric and non-exhaustible Super-Soft
Milaniaks – 1526 Hydrophilic, shear stable, cost effective emulsion Natural
Milaniaks – 0309 High shear-stability and highly ph-stable Silky
Product(Non-Silicone) Performance Type of Finish TDS
Trinogen - YS Yarn Softener & Lubricant Natural
Trinogen - SUPL Yarn Softener & Lubricant Natural
Trinosoft Premium Cationic softener Premium Soft with surface
Trinosoft - 863 Non-Ionic Softenerwith brightening and good whiteness index Premium Soft
Milaniaks – LC82 Concentrated Cationic Softener Silky
Vakrsoft – NI2 Non-Ionic Softener Premium Soft
Trinogyen - 0184 Premium Yarn Softener & Lubricant Natural

Speciality Finishes

Choose from our comprehensive range of Speciality Finishes that deliver durability and look you desire for your fabric.

These Encapsulation based delivery systems are specially designed for textile application, at industrial scale. The finish is composed of solid microcapsules, holding the desired cosmetic substance to be released onto the body. The release performance of the capsules is robust even after multiple wash cycles. They are suitable for woven, knits and non-woven fabrics. We use two kinds of formulations for the process.

  • Moisturizer Release Technology
  • Sliming Agent Release Technology

  • Silicone based finishing designed to work best with dry-cleaning machines using perc -based technology. Water scarcity and increased environmental awareness are world-wide concerns which are causing a sharp rise in prices for intake and disposal of water. Fabrics finished with this unique waterless process will have the same dye qualities and durability as current, conventionally-dyed fabric.

    We provide products with antimicrobial effects for your textiles. Odour and microorganism growth factors resulted in development of antimicrobial finish. This finish prevents the growth of bacteria and products finished in it have been proved environment friendly and health protecting, preventing diseases. It also prevents garments from unpleasant odour. Our active ingredients and delivery forms are the optimal solution for your articles, compatible with your application processes If you have a specific idea or a special request contact us in person. We will gladly assist you with your individual needs.

    Our wrinkle free resin finishing process uses a specially designed resin onto fabrics crosslinking between hydrogen bonds in order to enhance stability. This prevents wrinkling and increases the crease recovery of the fabric. Tendency of fabrics made by cellulose, regenerated cellulose and blends with synthetic fibers to wrinkle after washing, tumble drying and wearing are higher. Wrinkle free finishes are broadly used in the textile industry to impart wrinkle-resistance to cellulose-based or cotton fabric.

    Oil & Water Repellent finishes are used in clothing, table linen, curtains, carpet finishing, umbrella cloth and tarpaulins and tents. With resin additives, this high-grade finish provides lifetime laundry-durability for synthetic fabrics, yet it feels as soft and comfortable as the conventionally treated fabrics. While polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) has long been regarded as the most effective solution to achieve water repellency in textiles, its ecological impact has raised well-publicized concerns. More eco-friendly shorter-chain C6 and C4 versions of PTFE technology have been developed and is on offer for its environmental and cost-friendly formulation.

    Thread Lubricants

    Formulated to reduce friction and needle heat on sewing threads, Thread Lubricant deposits a stainless coating on the thread that cools the needle and prevents thread breakage. These products are developed and designed to support both hot-melt and cold processing using lick roll and dosage pump technology.

    Developed as a good handling, low-friction lubricant for finishing threads and fibres, these formulations offer good handling and excellent lubricity. These are tested to have high thermal dissipation and stability. Low-maintenance and can be easily applied with a Hacoba winder.

    Product Performance TDS
    TRINOLUBE - P73 A combination of Polysiloxanes & wax dispersion, tailored for the lubrication of sewing & industrial thread. Trinolube–P73 has low friction characteristics, having a uniform distribution over the thread and high-stability over a range of temperatures. Best used on polyester-cotton.
    TRINOLUBE CB 2720 Composed of various waxes and Polysiloxane Oils makes it suitable for use with polyester-nylon thread. This high-value product could be used through lick-roll process and performs well in both cold as well as hot processing..
    TRINOLUBE OP A water-based thread lubricant, which not only helps to reduce the co-efficient of friction but also adds to the gliding properties of the thread. This formulation has no effect on the shade of the dyed thread and helps to up the temperature resistance properties.

    Technical Textiles

    Technical textiles are manufactured primarily for their technical performance, tenacity, durability and its functional properties. Silicone rubber coatings can be used to add value and functional abilities to these fabrics.Silicone rubber is a unique synthetic elastomer made from a crosslinked polymer that is reinforced with silica. It offers a perfect balance of mechanical and chemical properties required by many of today’s most demanding industrial applications.

    Silicone rubber coating is water and chemical resistant and provides high ease of processing. Silicone rubber is a material of choice in industry when retention of initial shape and mechanical strength are desired. It also handles well under a wide range of temperature and is tenacious over extreme weather conditions.

    Far superior to organic rubbers in general, offering:
  • Superior cold resistance (specialty silicone rubber grades can perform at temperatures as low as -85°C)
  • Better retention of tensile and elongation properties after thermal stress.
  • Relatively high surface friction (useful for some applications such as conveyor belts)
  • Less chance of worker sensitization after repeated handling, especially compared to acrylics and urethanes
  • Typical coating methods include Dip/immersion coating, Kiss coating (lick roll), Knife coating (over air, roll or rubber sleeve), Rotogravure coating, Extrusion & Spraying.