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Thread Lubricants

Formulated to reduce friction and needle heat on sewing threads, Thread Lubricant deposits a stainless coating on the thread that cools the needle and prevents thread breakage. These products are developed and designed to support both hot-melt and cold processing using lick roll and dosage pump technology.

    Developed as a good handling, low-friction lubricant for finishing threads and fibres, these formulations offer good handling and excellent lubricity. These are tested to have high thermal dissipation and stability. Low-maintenance and can be easily applied with a Hacoba winder.


    A combination of Polysiloxanes & wax dispersion, tailored for the lubrication of sewing & industrial thread. Trinolube–P73 has low friction characteristics, having a uniform distribution over the thread and high-stability over a range of temperatures. Best used on polyester-cotton.


    Composed of various waxes and Polysiloxane Oils makes it suitable for use with polyester-nylon thread. This high-value product could be used through lick-roll process and performs well in both cold as well as hot processing.


    A water-based thread lubricant, which not only helps to reduce the co-efficient of friction but also adds to the gliding properties of the thread. This formulation has no effect on the shade of the dyed thread and helps to up the temperature resistance properties.

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