Garment Printing

We offer a range of pastes and printing technologies that successfully meet the demands of versatile textile printing. Their features include use of quality certified formulations, providing for high constitution purity and color fastness properties, offering superior stability, bright color support and temperature resistance among others

Choose from our range of low cure inks with excellent coverage and attractive pricing to get your desired finish. They are soft, non-tacky and highly durable.

Product Performance TDS
SILME 6199 Base High Density, Matte Finish.
SILME 6109 Base High Density, Matte Finish for cotton.
SILME 6191 Base Flat Prints, Semi Gloss Effect
SILME 6178 Base Gloss Gel Print/Mould Print.
SILME 6001 Base (A & B) High Gloss print. Used as top coat for dome effect.
SILME 6223 Base (A & B) Used as base coat for high wash fastness.
SILME 6371 Base Silicone rubber for shoe insoles.
SILME 6160 Catalyst Platinum based catalyst for all Liquid Silicone Rubber products.
SILME 6080 Inhibitor Silicone retardant. Helps in extending pot life.
SILME 2106 Reducer Viscosity reducer for all LSRs.
SILME CL-7000 Crosslinker for better adhesion.

Csilment Silicone Pigments provide coloring solutions for application in the silicone rubber industry. Produced in India, these products in combination with specialized Liquid Silicone Rubbers are used in the silicone printing systems, injection molding and various other liquid silicone systems. They provide excellent dispersion, consistent color and a suitable viscosity for metering systems, apart from being fully compatible with the silicone elastomer matrix.

Product Name Product Code White Fabric Black Fabric Pigment Fastness Heat Stability
Yellow 707-5020 8 +
Melon Yellow 707-4021 8 +
Pure Orange 707-5014 7 +
Brown Red 707-1016 8 +
Traffic Red 707-2017 8 +
Ruby red 707-3018 7/8 +
Signal Violet 707-5019 7/8 +
Silver 707-40009 8 +
UM Blue 707-5022 8 +
Gentian Blue 707-6023 8 +
Night Blue 707-7024 8 +
Cobalt Green 707-5024 8 +
Grass Green 707-5025 8 +
Blue Green 707-8026 8 +
Jet Black 707-5012 8 +
Pure White 707-5011 8 +
Gold 707-40010 7 0
Flour Yellow 707-40007 N.A 0
Flour Green 707-40002 N.A 0
Flour Blue 707-40001 N.A 0
Flour Orange 707-40004 N.A 0
Flour Magenta 707-40003 N.A 0
Flour Pink 707-40005 N.A 0
Flour Red 707-40006 N.A 0

These inks are capable of printing bold, vibrant colors and delicate details. They produce a soft, breathable print with unmatched comfort and durability. Water-based and Plastisol inks are extremely versatile, and can be printed onto almost any material efficiently. Our range is environment-friendly and GOTS, REACH & OKEOTEX complaint.

Product Performance Pack Size(kg)
NanoWat – ACR White 500 White Paste 20
NanoWat – ACR Clear 1000 Clear Paste 20
NanoWat – ACR Soft Paste 1500 Pigment Printing Base 20
NanoWat – PU White 2000 Polyurethane Based White Paste 20
NanoWat – PU Clear 2500 Polyurethane Based Clear Paste 20
NanoPlast – Clear 5000 PVC-Pthalate Free Clear Plastisol System 20