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Trinolube-1728 is a thread lubricant that is successfully used on threads made from all types of substrates.

It is a silicone and wax dispersion. Threads lubricated with Trinolube-1728 not only exhibits low friction characteristics in absolute terms but also the friction variations are very low.


The main differentiator between Trinolube-1728 and other similar lubricants is that it remains liquid even at room temperature. Also the silicone and wax always remain highly homogenous and stable – no separation occurs. These two highly critical feature results in the following major advantages:

1. Consistent behavior under all weather conditions.

2. Suitable for all types of lube application systems e.g. lick-roll, lubetex, etc.

3. Uniform viscosity during all seasons ensures consistent and uniform pick-up, always.

4. Circulation pipes/tubes and nozzles never get choked. So frequent cleaning is not required. This allows higher machine up-time.

5. Even planned cleaning requires less time and is less cumbersome. This again allows higher machine up-time.

6. No heating required at any time of the year. This saves energy.

7. Zero initial start-up time as the lubricant need not be heated before the machine is started.

8. No additional worry about whether the heating system is on/off, whether the temperature set is appropriate, whether the temperature set is same in all shifts, etc.

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