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Products Range

Technical Textiles

Textile Wet-Processing

Garment Printing

Thread Lubricants

Leather & Rubber Chemicals

Paper Chemicals

Agriculture Chemicals

Pharmaceutical Division

Personal Care


  • Water Based Printing System

  • LSR Based Printing System

Water Based Printing System
Products categories :
  • Standard colors

  • Glow colors.

  • Super Cover Inks

  • Super Cover Glows

  • Process Inks

  • Metallic Inks – Pearl White, Bright Silver, Gold Luster and Copper.

  • Concentrated pigments.

Products Features :
  • 100% solvent free and eco-friendly.

  • Suitable for a wide range of natural and synthetic fabrics.

  • Superior performance.

  • Unsurpassed balance of softness and durability.

  • Exceptional color yield with rich coverage.

  • Print does not crack even when fabric is stretched.

  • Excellent color brightness.

  • Unparalleled adhesion.

  • Durable to wash, rub and dry-clean.

  • Pleasing fragrance.

  • Easy to clean the equipment with water.

  • Enhanced screen stability allowing cleaner results for a longer time – screen open time is exceptionally high.

  • OKEOTEX and GOTS compliant.


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