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Personal Care Ingredients:
CSILCARE Silcone Ingredients For Personal Care

Silicones used in personal care applications are of diversified types, including cyclic, linear, or organo-functional polydimethylsiloxanes (PDMS), as well as silicone elastomer dispersions and resins. This wide range of molecules provides benefits that impact the performance of almost every type of beauty product, conferring attributes such as good spreading, film forming, wash-off resistance, skin feel, volatility and permeability.

COSCARE Wetting Agents & Emulsifiers For Personal Care

In cosmetics, an emulsifier includes any ingredient that helps keep unlike ingredients (such as oil and water) from separating in an emulsion. Examples of cosmetics ingredients that function as emulsifiers include polysorbates, laureth-4, and potassium cetyl sulfate. Emulsifiers are widely used throughout the cosmetics industry and are the unsung heroes of many cosmetics formulas that blend and help to keep unlike ingredients together. There is also research showing they can help enhance the absorption of skincare ingredients and may be useful for prolonged topical delivery.

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